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The current teaching staff of St. Francis Xavier School. Sister Concella Umosella, principal; is seated (left) with Sister Carmelinda Sciscento, superior.


grees of intensity, looked to him for guidance and leadership.


We are now on the threshold of placing the final piece into the parish plant- the new convent and the truly magnificent plaza, which will spread from the convent foundations, sweep down to the front steps of the church, and extend to Bloomfield Avenue and 8th Street. In June of this year of 1964 Father Vincent Bonelli left us to become the first curate ever assigned to the new Parish of Notre Dame in North Caldwell, N.]. He left many memories in the minds of the many parishioners he served with priestly patience and power. Father Eugene Marcone, a newly ordained priest, took Father Bonelli's place.


We have recorded on these pages the mere external growth of our parish; the deeper most important growth, that of the spirit, has been referred to in passing. One act of Faith and supernatural charity issuing from the oldest parishioner in church, or from the least child in our school, or from the priests in their rectory, the sisters in their


This artist's rendering shows what our new parish convent and plaza will look like. This is the last major item on the parish's ambitious building program.


convent, and our people in their homes, is immeasurably more meritorious than the entire work of building the church, the rectory, the school and the proposed convent and plaza, apart from the spiritual motives and the states of grace which give rise to these immense labors. Were we ever to forget this fact we would be the fools that Jesus describes so vividly in the biblical parable: "The fools who build on sand when they could have built on rock!"


The Filippini sisters of our parish gather around a new car donated to them in the early years following their arrival in our midst.

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