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                                                       NOVEMBER,  1




 "Let us rejoice in the Lord and keep a festival in honor of all
the saints." (Entrance Antiphon).


This solemnity in honor of all the saints, demonstrates the
great honor and respect that we render to holy men and women
of the past. Honoring the saints reminds us of our goal of
attaining heaven as a reward for our efforts in living the Gospel
taught to us by Jesus.


The Preface of the Mass tells us what this feast is all about:

"Around your throne

the saints, our brothers and sisters,
sing your praise forever.

Their glory fills us with joy,

and their communion with us in your church
gives us inspiration and strength

as we hasten on our pilgrimage of faith. .. "


In our prayers we ask that their example of holy living turn our
"thoughts to the service of God and neighbor" (Opening
Prayer), and we express our appreciation of "their concern to
help and save us" (Prayer Over the Gifts).


The saints are examples of the life that is lived in the spirit of
the Gospels. This spirit is that of the Beatitudes as proclaimed in
the Gospel reading today (C£ Matthew 5:1.12). These spiritual
principles summarize how to live a meaningful Christian life.


Each of us can look to our patron saints and to those saints for
whom we have some special admiration for inspiration and
example. These saints are our brothers and sisters, who are in a
very real communion with us, and who can strengthen us by
their intercessions, since we are on the same journey which they

       have completed.    


Their triumph is a source of our joy; their glory is our eager



The solemnity celebrates God's great triumph in the


multitude which no one can count. It celebrates God's glory,
wisdom, honor and power. This feast is also the community's

day to praise God who began a great work in us on the day of our
baptism, when we were washed clean in the blood of the Lamb.
We pray today that with God's help and the intercession of the
saints, we will bring to completion the great work He has begun

in us, and that we will arrive at God's throne to sing His praise

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